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Abstracts presented at the Summit include:

•  'AIHW's new online metadata registry for health data standards: a progress report', Mr David Braddock, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare;

•  'The new health infrastructure: A delivery system within an ICT environment', Helen Christensen, Australian National University;

•  'A framework for supporting mobile access to medical information', Dr Evan Grambas, Monash University - Caulfield Campus;

•  'Threats to Australian Patient Safety (TAPS) Project: using IT to improve patient safety in general practice'. Dr Meredith Makeham, Professor Michael Kidd, Clinical Professor Michael Mira, Dr Chris Cooper, Professor Deborah Saltman, Emeritus Professor Charles Bridges-Webb, Ms Geraldine Card, University of Sydney;

•  'Strategic use of pathology informatics to improve health care quality and safety', Dr Vitali Sintchenko, Centre for Health Informatics, University of New South Wales; and

•  'The Integrated Care Program - Assisting GPs to implement best clinical practice', Mr Steve Sant, Chief Executive Offi cer, Bayside Division of General Practice.


Submission of abstracts has now closed.

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