About NHIG

The National Health Information Group (NHIG) has been established by Australian Health Ministers to provide advice on national health information requirements and related technology planning and management requirements. NHIG manages and allocates resources to health information projects and working groups where joint Commonwealth/State and Territory resources are involved.

The Chair of NHIG is Ms Patricia Faulkner, Secretary of the Department of Human Services, Victoria. Membership of NHIG is made up of senior executives from all jurisdictions and the Chair of AHIC. NHIG reports to the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council.

Observer organisations include the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Health Insurance Commission, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, the National Community Services Information Management Group (NCSIMG) and the New Zealand Health Ministry.

A number of committees provide specialist advice to the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council through NHIG, and the Chairs of these committees also attend NHIG meetings as observers.

NHIG and AHIC identified a number of critical national health IM&ICT priorities that required urgent attention. These priorities relate to the common standards and fundamental building blocks that will enable interconnectivity of health information systems. This work will be initially undertaken by the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA)